Monday, 6 May 2013


As a malaysian, all of us just hope for a FAIR election. It is not hard at all.
I am not a person who is interested in politic but i feel shamed of what they have done.

I love my country, Malaysia.
Just that simple.


I am a Malaysian

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Party Night!

I have been longing for a party for a long time as i know that there must be a lot of delicious and tasty foods will be served on the table. However,i prefer to have some desserts like cake,pudding and jelly instead of the fried noodles and fried chicken. Truly,recently I greatly reduce the outing with friends because most of my friends have gone to continue their further studies. Okay,back to the tittle. My family had been invited by my grandma to attend a ' New Home Party' which held in Batu Kawan( a new place near Bukit Mertajam) .

I dressed up myself with a red dress and a white singlet because the old folk always liked the red colour means good in everything. Upon getting done of our preparation,we went there at 5 o'clock. It took about 2 hours to arrive. So, staying in car for this long period was bored. Here i started my 'must-do'activity by camwhoring non-stop.

Seeing that a lot of foods at my car's bonnet,i felt quite hungry. I really cannot bear with the foods'attraction-.- That's why my weight keep gaining non-stop!

After two hours,finally we reached our destination and what i could see was the throngs of people at there. Just like an idiom says that,people mountain people sea. Besides,what attracted me more was the delicious foods being served on the table. HAHA here truly a PARADISE for me:)

I had ate Cha Koay Tiaw,Ais kacang,poh pia, kuih etc. (It is really hard to count-.-) I have to do exercise to reduce my weight !! You can see from the photos that there were really varieties of tasty food being served. I really couldn't stop myself to grab the foods.

 The food almost finished.

Poh pia and wan tan

Ang Gu Kuih which were brought by mummy. Hmmmm YUMMY

I don't know what is it called as. But i know that it is very delicious =)

Simple yet nice decoration in front of the house.

You can get Satay, Laksa, Cha koay tiaw, mango ice and ice kacang over here.

In front of the house.

After that, we all were getting bored and trying to find some activities to reduce our boredom. What's to do the next ? PHOTOSHOOTING session !

I am cute and I know it :p

The beautiful and gorgeous models of the night ! HAHAHA .

Auntie Rosy with her warm smile.

Playing with a child happily.

With a handsome cousin, Jia Ta. 

Cousin. Lim Kun

Cousin and his other half, Virene.

Cousin , Lim Zhen and his sweetheart, Joanne.

The boss of the night. 

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Award's Day and Canteen Day

It had been a long period that I didn't back to my secondary school, SMK Perlis since i graduated. As i was invited to receive an award given by the school, i decided to go back to my lovely school (?). Many problems flooded in my brain before i went there. Firstly, about my apparel. Teacher had announced that we must to wear the formal shirt and not jeans pants. That was a problem for me as i didn't have any slacks pants. So, i decided to wear a Malay's traditional clothes called as Baju Kurung. Wearing such type of clothing is quite weird as the condition in school is hot enough and of course, i SWEAT a lot !!

Without wearing the bottom is quite fashionable;D  Sorry pals, i am just showing my elephant's legs.

Okay, back to the tittle. Secondly, oh shit, my "branded" shoes had broken down before i enjoyed myself in this day. I bought it   2 years before and i just wore it once. Being panic, luckily my friend had a shoes that fixed my foot so i didn't have to wear my "quality-yet-expensive" shoes .HAHAHAH. ( Thanks to Joanna at here :D )

Moment of waiting to receive my prize was bored indeed. So, I won't let my time just passed meaninglessly. It was time for cam-wholing ! ( Please note that i have deep dimples HAHAH ) Waiting, waiting and waiting for the VIP to give a long speech, after that we were given the prizes- An envelop with RM70 inside and a certificate.  Not bad right? 

[ How i wish i own a coco hair colour :'( ]

Then, it was time to SHOP ! Not the big shopping complex, but the food stalls in front of  teachers' office. Here was really PARADISE because plenty of foods can be found at there, just like: Tau Fu Hua ( my favourite), carbonate drinks, kuih, spaghetti, corn, burger, sushi etc. Being unable to withstand the hunger, i bought a Tau Fu Hua, Waffles, soya bean drinks, sparkling juice, burger and mango pudding !You can see there were throngs of people were busily visiting the stall to buy some food to fill their stomach.

" Lok-Lok". I had searched all the stalls that they didn't sell the birds'egg this year.  

There were also some health campaign in the school, such as the drugs and free blood pressure test .However, these few stalls didn't attract the attention from students as all the students were stuck with the food.

Lastly, a group photo before going back home. I will miss you all,really.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

A dessert made by me.

I love to eat dessert because it really cheers me up especially when i am in bad mood. I love to try out the new desserts in anywhere and anytime. I still remembered last time when i counted down for Christmas in Orchard Road,Singapore, being unable to withstand the hunger, I decided to have a dessert at about 11:00pm. A unforgettable experience for me indeed. Dessert is my favorite all the time,how about you guys? Do you like it? If you do,then this post will be useful for you,dessert-lover :D

Not very hard,what you need to prepare is a blender,vitagen(orange flavor),2 pure orange juice and water.simple right?

Firstly,peel off the orange skin(wash it before peeling, cleanliness is important:) ) After that, put all peeled orange into the blender and blend it with adding water inside.

One bottle of vitagen is added into the blender to mix with the juices. Blend for a few seconds, pour it into a glass . With some ices,oh yeah a cup of yummy drink is done finally.

Not only that ,you can try out by putting the original flavor vitagen into the orange juice.The taste also not bad and really whet your appetite;) Simple and super tasty. Faster try it out !it is better than you waste money to buy a sweet carbonate drink as the carbonate drinks contains a lot of sugar which are harmful to our health  ;) and next time i will try to do another drinks that is vitagen apple flavor + green apple juice.

Additional notes:   if you are facing intestinal problems like constipation,indigestion etc,then this type of drinks surely can help you to cope those  problems. Move you hand,do it yourself.

That's all for my short update. Hope you all will enjoy this post and don't hesitate to do a healthy drink for yourself.Have A Nice Day =)



I always like to find something to do to occupy my free time in this long holiday.And, today, i decide to do an online business that is selling the little hair accessories in my blog and facebook.The prices will not be very expensive of course. If you buy more, the more discount you will get it. Scroll down to see what i am selling now =)

Firstly, the colourful hair hair scrunchie.One only for RM4.00 ! And it is limited stock, grab it before it is sold :)

Item code: 0001
Item name: Beige colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Item code: 0002
Item name: Orange colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Item code: 0003
Item name: Pink colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Item Code: 0004
Item name: Red colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Next, it is also a hair scrunchie but it differs from the upper one. I sell it in pairs. Only RM 4.  Available colour : Red, Deep blue, Brown

Item code: 0005
Item name: Brown fury scrunchie 
Price: RM4 ( in pairs )

Item Code: 0006
Item name: Red fury scrunchie
Price: RM4 (in pairs )

 Item Code: 0007
Item name: Blue fury scrunchie
Price: RM4 (in pairs )

Thirdly,  PASTEL COLOUR hair scrunchie ! I love it to the max as the colour really attractive :D  One only for RM3 and  it is will not restock again.

Item code (left to right ): 0008.0009.0010
Price: RM 3


  • If you are interested in buying those items, please drop a message to my Facebook or the chatbox in my blog. All the items are READY STOCKS,
  • Once you have paid me, i will post it on the next day by Pos Laju.( It will reach within 3 days to your house)
  •  All the prices stated upside is not included rate of Pos Laju.
  •  Pos Laju is RM9 per kg.
  • If you buy more, i will give you more discount.
  • Don't hesitate more and contact me for information and enquiries :)

My Facebook : ( PM me ;p )

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