Thursday, 25 April 2013

Award's Day and Canteen Day

It had been a long period that I didn't back to my secondary school, SMK Perlis since i graduated. As i was invited to receive an award given by the school, i decided to go back to my lovely school (?). Many problems flooded in my brain before i went there. Firstly, about my apparel. Teacher had announced that we must to wear the formal shirt and not jeans pants. That was a problem for me as i didn't have any slacks pants. So, i decided to wear a Malay's traditional clothes called as Baju Kurung. Wearing such type of clothing is quite weird as the condition in school is hot enough and of course, i SWEAT a lot !!

Without wearing the bottom is quite fashionable;D  Sorry pals, i am just showing my elephant's legs.

Okay, back to the tittle. Secondly, oh shit, my "branded" shoes had broken down before i enjoyed myself in this day. I bought it   2 years before and i just wore it once. Being panic, luckily my friend had a shoes that fixed my foot so i didn't have to wear my "quality-yet-expensive" shoes .HAHAHAH. ( Thanks to Joanna at here :D )

Moment of waiting to receive my prize was bored indeed. So, I won't let my time just passed meaninglessly. It was time for cam-wholing ! ( Please note that i have deep dimples HAHAH ) Waiting, waiting and waiting for the VIP to give a long speech, after that we were given the prizes- An envelop with RM70 inside and a certificate.  Not bad right? 

[ How i wish i own a coco hair colour :'( ]

Then, it was time to SHOP ! Not the big shopping complex, but the food stalls in front of  teachers' office. Here was really PARADISE because plenty of foods can be found at there, just like: Tau Fu Hua ( my favourite), carbonate drinks, kuih, spaghetti, corn, burger, sushi etc. Being unable to withstand the hunger, i bought a Tau Fu Hua, Waffles, soya bean drinks, sparkling juice, burger and mango pudding !You can see there were throngs of people were busily visiting the stall to buy some food to fill their stomach.

" Lok-Lok". I had searched all the stalls that they didn't sell the birds'egg this year.  

There were also some health campaign in the school, such as the drugs and free blood pressure test .However, these few stalls didn't attract the attention from students as all the students were stuck with the food.

Lastly, a group photo before going back home. I will miss you all,really.

That's all for my today's update. Please click NUFFNANG for me, thank you =))

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