Monday, 22 April 2013

A dessert made by me.

I love to eat dessert because it really cheers me up especially when i am in bad mood. I love to try out the new desserts in anywhere and anytime. I still remembered last time when i counted down for Christmas in Orchard Road,Singapore, being unable to withstand the hunger, I decided to have a dessert at about 11:00pm. A unforgettable experience for me indeed. Dessert is my favorite all the time,how about you guys? Do you like it? If you do,then this post will be useful for you,dessert-lover :D

Not very hard,what you need to prepare is a blender,vitagen(orange flavor),2 pure orange juice and water.simple right?

Firstly,peel off the orange skin(wash it before peeling, cleanliness is important:) ) After that, put all peeled orange into the blender and blend it with adding water inside.

One bottle of vitagen is added into the blender to mix with the juices. Blend for a few seconds, pour it into a glass . With some ices,oh yeah a cup of yummy drink is done finally.

Not only that ,you can try out by putting the original flavor vitagen into the orange juice.The taste also not bad and really whet your appetite;) Simple and super tasty. Faster try it out !it is better than you waste money to buy a sweet carbonate drink as the carbonate drinks contains a lot of sugar which are harmful to our health  ;) and next time i will try to do another drinks that is vitagen apple flavor + green apple juice.

Additional notes:   if you are facing intestinal problems like constipation,indigestion etc,then this type of drinks surely can help you to cope those  problems. Move you hand,do it yourself.

That's all for my short update. Hope you all will enjoy this post and don't hesitate to do a healthy drink for yourself.Have A Nice Day =)


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