Monday, 22 April 2013


I always like to find something to do to occupy my free time in this long holiday.And, today, i decide to do an online business that is selling the little hair accessories in my blog and facebook.The prices will not be very expensive of course. If you buy more, the more discount you will get it. Scroll down to see what i am selling now =)

Firstly, the colourful hair hair scrunchie.One only for RM4.00 ! And it is limited stock, grab it before it is sold :)

Item code: 0001
Item name: Beige colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Item code: 0002
Item name: Orange colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Item code: 0003
Item name: Pink colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Item Code: 0004
Item name: Red colour flower hair scrunchie
Price: RM4

Next, it is also a hair scrunchie but it differs from the upper one. I sell it in pairs. Only RM 4.  Available colour : Red, Deep blue, Brown

Item code: 0005
Item name: Brown fury scrunchie 
Price: RM4 ( in pairs )

Item Code: 0006
Item name: Red fury scrunchie
Price: RM4 (in pairs )

 Item Code: 0007
Item name: Blue fury scrunchie
Price: RM4 (in pairs )

Thirdly,  PASTEL COLOUR hair scrunchie ! I love it to the max as the colour really attractive :D  One only for RM3 and  it is will not restock again.

Item code (left to right ): 0008.0009.0010
Price: RM 3


  • If you are interested in buying those items, please drop a message to my Facebook or the chatbox in my blog. All the items are READY STOCKS,
  • Once you have paid me, i will post it on the next day by Pos Laju.( It will reach within 3 days to your house)
  •  All the prices stated upside is not included rate of Pos Laju.
  •  Pos Laju is RM9 per kg.
  • If you buy more, i will give you more discount.
  • Don't hesitate more and contact me for information and enquiries :)

My Facebook : ( PM me ;p )

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