Friday, 19 April 2013

My first business in my life

It was my very first time indeed !I always told mother that i was quite bored and wished to find something special to do.Then, she gave me an idea- she cooks the foods for me to sell.It was a meaningful experience. When i told most of my friends, they just had 1 response: "WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO HUHH?"I really hope to have a wonderful and meaningful holiday in my life.

I had been waking up in 5am this morning to prepare the spaghetti that are going to sell in front of SMK Kuala Perlis. Unexpectedly, a lot of people reserved the food with me in facebook  yesterday.Maybe it was my first time so they  gave me some supports ?HAHA , hope they will be my supporters always as i am going to sell food again :D  With mum's help, spaghetti was done within 1 hour and she also did a "KUIH" for me to sell. ( My mother was cute enoughhhh ! )  I had done packing on 6:30am.Putting them nicely in plastic with spoon and fork, hopefully that all of my spaghetti would be sold out completely.

See, how nice the packing right ? I pack for RM3.00 . 1 pack for kuih is RM2.00 (consists of 3 big pieces)

My little stall in front of school ( NEAR THE SUN HOTEL)

Most of the customers have told me that the spaghetti was very tasty and delicious.Not only that, one of my friends also posted the photo of spaghetti in Facebook and praised for my mum's cooking technique.I am so touched indeed.Thanks for the friends who have given me supports, thanks for mummy who helped a lot, thanks for the customers's comment,thanks everything ! I DID IT finally =)))


I will be selling 1-2 times in a week at the same location(MAYBE). However,I will change the food menu, not spaghetti always. I will start selling foods about 7.00am. If you want to reserve it before the day, you can contact me in Facebook so that i can keep one set for you.Your supports make me move further! Thanks again and again.

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