Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Party Night!

I have been longing for a party for a long time as i know that there must be a lot of delicious and tasty foods will be served on the table. However,i prefer to have some desserts like cake,pudding and jelly instead of the fried noodles and fried chicken. Truly,recently I greatly reduce the outing with friends because most of my friends have gone to continue their further studies. Okay,back to the tittle. My family had been invited by my grandma to attend a ' New Home Party' which held in Batu Kawan( a new place near Bukit Mertajam) .

I dressed up myself with a red dress and a white singlet because the old folk always liked the red colour means good in everything. Upon getting done of our preparation,we went there at 5 o'clock. It took about 2 hours to arrive. So, staying in car for this long period was bored. Here i started my 'must-do'activity by camwhoring non-stop.

Seeing that a lot of foods at my car's bonnet,i felt quite hungry. I really cannot bear with the foods'attraction-.- That's why my weight keep gaining non-stop!

After two hours,finally we reached our destination and what i could see was the throngs of people at there. Just like an idiom says that,people mountain people sea. Besides,what attracted me more was the delicious foods being served on the table. HAHA here truly a PARADISE for me:)

I had ate Cha Koay Tiaw,Ais kacang,poh pia, kuih etc. (It is really hard to count-.-) I have to do exercise to reduce my weight !! You can see from the photos that there were really varieties of tasty food being served. I really couldn't stop myself to grab the foods.

 The food almost finished.

Poh pia and wan tan

Ang Gu Kuih which were brought by mummy. Hmmmm YUMMY

I don't know what is it called as. But i know that it is very delicious =)

Simple yet nice decoration in front of the house.

You can get Satay, Laksa, Cha koay tiaw, mango ice and ice kacang over here.

In front of the house.

After that, we all were getting bored and trying to find some activities to reduce our boredom. What's to do the next ? PHOTOSHOOTING session !

I am cute and I know it :p

The beautiful and gorgeous models of the night ! HAHAHA .

Auntie Rosy with her warm smile.

Playing with a child happily.

With a handsome cousin, Jia Ta. 

Cousin. Lim Kun

Cousin and his other half, Virene.

Cousin , Lim Zhen and his sweetheart, Joanne.

The boss of the night. 

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